Group Counseling

Individual Treatment

Group counseling sessions are important as well because they provide an opportunity for our clients to interact and learn from one another.  By talking to men in their own situation, or who have been in their situation, they can learn productive ways of staying clean.  Our group counseling program is based on the Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Manual developed by the University of Massachusetts’ Boston Center for Treatment Development and Training.  This program includes elements of Motivational Interviewing, Community Reinforcement Approach, and Cognitive-Behavioral Skills Training.

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James A. Casey House

Individual counseling sessions are crucial to developing someone’s recovery because they allow our Counselors to have one-on-one time to meet and discuss issues that are unique to that particular person.  At the James A. Casey House we use the treatment methodology of “Relapse Prevention” which is based on the TAP 19 program developed by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment.  This program focuses on understanding the individual’s addiction and developing ways for that person to stay clean and sober after they leave the facility.

In addition to life skill classes and a supportive living environment, we offer clinical services intended to give our clients the tools to effectively deal with their addiction.  Through a combination of individual and group counseling sessions, our clients begin to understand the recovery process and how to manage it.  Our treatment methods are uniquely tailored to help each individual cope with their own distinct set of challenges.  By combining clinical treatment services with our intensive life skills program, we enable our clients to have a solid foundation on which to build their recovery.

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