Apartment living allows for our clients to learn life skills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Clients develop personal and social skills through living in a safe, clean environment with other men trying to improve their lives. Individuals learn that they must clean up after themselves when they make breakfast because the next person to make breakfast doesn’t want to find the kitchen a mess.  If you want to find the bathroom clean, make sure it’s clean when you leave.

This approach to recovery is summed up in our saying, "I’m not your mother, but I am your brother".  Our experience has been that men in recovery do not benefit by having everything done for them. They learn responsibility by being treated as responsible adults in an empathetic and supportive environment built around the idea that we are all brothers.

Our Approach to Responsible Living


James A. Casey House


Why It Works

At the James A. Casey House we provide a semi-structured, supportive, home-like environment which is centered around our apartment living.  We operate three and four bedroom apartments where our clients learn the life skills of being a good housemate.  We are unique in that each client is given private space in their own bedroom and share a living room, bathroom, and kitchen with the two or three other men in the apartment.

With the supervision of staff, all clients are expected to cook and clean up all their own meals.  There is no house cleaning service here either.  Clients are expected to clean their apartment just as they would if they were living on their own.  To be clean and sober one must be clean in every aspect of their life.